Dining Etiquette

This enrichment program is a monthly fundraiser that offers our students the opportunity to experience dining & restaurant etiquette. This experience will afford them the opportunity to attend a Master Class where each student will learn to represent themselves well from the start of making reservations to attend our pop-up on-campus restaurant to the end of paying for their personally ordered meal. In addition, students will be taught how to dress for a dinner outing, place their order, learn table placing of all utensils and each utensil’s purpose, and a whole lot more. Parents and supporters are welcome to join us for lunch once a month. However, their reservations must be made by the enrolled student by simply calling in and saying, “I would like to make reservations for 2 (or more) please, at The Academy’s Restaurant.” For each fundraising/etiquette opportunity our students will be informed on how to dress for each occasion; be it casual, business attire, after five, formal, etc. These fundraisers will offer a couple of dinner styles (buffet style & formal seating) giving our guests a wider range of training and experience. Payment must be made by the student at the end of each meal. Cash and credit cards are available payment options. Parents must be present for all credit card payments.