Music (Piano)

Music Class is a one hour music class offered to our students once a week (grades 1 – 5). This subject is mandatory as all other subjects are. A curriculum is implemented, lesson plans will be prepared, classwork and homework will be distributed and a grade in this class will be earned. Parents need not enroll their child in this class. It is automatically apart of our school’s program and curriculum. Parents and supporters can look forward to exciting programs and events that will showcase their child’s special talents. There is no additional cost for this class.

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS are offered to all students interested (grades 2 – 5 only). These lessons are offered in 30 minute increments (only) during school hours. The parent of each student interested must sign up for private lessons in the front office and pay registration fee. Each student will be assigned to a specific day and time to be present for their lessons. Each student will be released from class two minutes before their assigned time for piano lessons to assure their prompt attendance and then return to their class immediately following their private lesson. Your child’s teacher, you as the parents and students themselves, will make sure each student stepping out temporarily for these private lessons don’t fall behind in class. The design is set up to promote success. However, if the student happens to fall behind they will be automatically withdrawn from their private piano lessons.

Please signup and pay registration fee quickly, spaces are limited.

Private lessons are offered during school hours on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays only, between the hours of 8:30am and 4pm. Parents and supporters can look forward to exciting piano recitals and special programs that will showcase their child’s special talent. Private lessons will continue throughout the summer for all who are interested. Please inquire about the registration fee with our front office staff.