Kindergarten covers age 5. Below is a list of what you can expect your child to know by the end of their kindergarten year.

  • Recognize most irregularly spelled words such as because and upon
  • Begin to use a dictionary
  • Read chapter books
  • Master most concepts of spelling
  • Master all concepts of Mental Math (Counting On, Doubles, Doubles Plus One, Making Ten, Making Multiples of Ten, Front End Addition, Decomposing, Splitting & Jumps of ten)
  • Complete two to four-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping and borrowing
  • Can successfully solve common core math and word problems
  • Understanding place value
  • Comprehends ordinal numbers
  • Work on poster board projects
  • Know the concept of multiplication (for example, 2 x 3 is two rows of three)
  • Write a structured paragraph with an introductory topic sentence, three supporting details, and a closing sentence that wraps up the main idea of the paragraph
  • Begin to make more decisions and engage in group decision-making
  • Wants to be part of a group
  • Think independently and critically
  • Have empathy
  • Show a stronger sense of responsibility
  • Increase the amount of detail in drawings
  • Work on research projects
  • Write a structured paragraph
  • Knows the 8 parts of Speech; nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverb, conjunctions, prepositions & interjections
  • Add and subtract decimals
  • Have a greater awareness of fairness
  • Internet savvy and very comfortable with desktops, laptops and tablets
  • And more…
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