School Dress Code

Tiny Babe’s Preparatory Academy is a uniform school. Teachers and other staff are required to wear their dress clothes daily, so only their best business attire is acceptable. In-turn, we expect the same from our students. Students are required to wear crisp clean uniforms daily with our school’s seal on all vests, shirts, sweaters and jackets. Parents, we have a variety of uniform pieces for you and your children to choose from and purchase, but every student is required to wear “Dress Uniform #1” every Monday. Please reference the “Uniform Policy” link for details.

In the event free-dress is granted, our students are required to show up for school in appropriate clothes and shoes for school. Their free-dress attire must represent our daily uniform. All students in questionable free-dress attire will be removed from class and sent to the front office where their parents will be called so that the student can be sent home immediately. The student is welcomed to go home, change clothes and return to school as soon as possible.

All students 2 years old and older must be in uniform daily.


Our student must always wear:
Closed-in shoes (black shoes & black soles only with uniform)
Socks or tights (Black only with uniform)
Appropriately fitted clothing
Not Allowed:
No open-toes or open-heel shoes
No sagging or over-sized pants
No leggings as pants
No shirts off the shoulders
No mid-drifts exposed


1. All uniform purchases should be made at CAMBRIDGE UNIFORMS.

Cambridge Uniforms
220 S Market St, Inglewood, CA 90301


2. Only the “LIMA PLAID” skirts and zip-jumpers should be purchased from Michael’s School Uniforms. Please DO NOT purchase the V-neck jumper.

Michael’s School Uniforms
225 S Market St, Inglewood, CA 90301